Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Window Well Corrective Steps to Avoid Basement Leaking Problems

Author: Tom Leiss

Basement window leakage is caused by either a leaking window well or a missing window well. A window well is an outside retainer that holds dirt and water away from thew window. In both cases water builds up to the bottom of the window sill and pours under the sill or through the window. Window wells can be corrected by filling voids and stabilizing the soil under the ground and around the window well. They can also be corrected by installing window well drains.

Once a window well has become a problem, the result is water entering the structure. A whole basement can be flooded. Even with minimum leakage in a basement, the foundation can be weakened and the wood floor joists and wall joists can become moldy. Drywall acts as a powerful sponge and readily soaks up water. Drywall becomes very moldy and when this occurs, it must be replaced. Of course any material in the basement such as furniture and personal property are often ruined as well. It is obvious that a basement leakage can bring an enormous cost to the homeowner.

Window wells can be corrected at a comparatively low cost. It is necessary and highly adviseable to secure the services of a liscensed basement waterproofing contractor. He will design and implement the necessary corrective action to mitigate leaking window wells. Typical job completion depends on the number of window wells to be corrected. As a general rule of thumb, 8 windows would require a day. But considering the consequences of water in your basement, having a day or less depending on your number of windows is well worth your attention.

The process of securing a basement waterproofing contractor begins with securing an estimate which can usually be accomplished with a phone call. Also be certain to contact only experienced contractors whose work can be verified.