Sunday, August 7, 2011

Causes of Water Damage

It does not matter if you have a poured concrete foundation, block crawl space or stone foundation, water is the number one enemy to any type of foundation. Water infiltration through basement walls, poor gutters, bad drainage and subsurface water all lead to leaky, wet basements and crawlspaces. By stopping this water infiltration you will be protecting your homes value and your families’ health.

Checklist to prevent water problems:
Properly Working Gutters
Downspout Extensions
Proper Grading
Free Flowing Exterior Drain System
Heavy Duty Sump Pump
Sealed Interior Drainage System
Wall Crack Repair
Stable Foundation

Without all of these things working together you are risking a flooded basement and potential structural problems. Water is the enemy, a smart water management system installed by a trained professional is your first line of defense. Your local waterproofing professional can help you determine the best solution for your basement water problem.

Why is it happening?

Poor Drainage
Properly working gutters, downspouts and grading direct water away from the foundation. .

Exterior Drain System
Plugged or improperly installed exterior drains cause excessive pressure on the foundation.

Plumbing Leaks
Water from leaky plumbing is often a major contributor to foundation problems especially in slab on grade construction.

Sump Pumps
Weak or improperly sized sump pumps cannot remove water from around and under your home.
Poor Building Site Preparation 
Cut and fill situations, where soil is removed from part of the lot and stacked on another, must be compacted properly before your home is constructed; otherwise unexpected movements of the soil beneath the foundation may occur.

Lack of Interior Drainage 
Water pressure from under your slab can cause cracks and water infiltration into living spaces. By installing a sealed interior drain system water is quickly diverted away from the foundation.

Wall Cracks 
Wall cracks and ruptures create a path for water to enter your home causing high humidity and possibly mold and mildew problems.

Fluctuating soil moisture levels, beneath the foundation, is the number one cause of foundation repairs. Maintaining a consistent moisture level allows for a stable foundation.